A Girly Shower

They pulled into my driveway late Saturday night with a trunk full of pink goodies. My smile couldn’t of been any bigger. One because my best girl friends were in town, and two because we were getting ready to celebrate my baby GIRL!! Yes I get to say it, GIRL!!  Now I love my boys, and I’m so glad that I get to be a mommy to not only one but two of them, but the blue thing is getting a bit old hat. When my best friend Erin said she wanted to throw me a shower I had no idea how exciting it would be for me. Up until that day I couldn’t really visualize it. Yes I was pregnant with a baby, but it wasn’t until all the pink starting overflowing from their car into my dining room that I really felt the joy of what is coming. Needless to say I was overwhelmed by the love and generosity of all my friends who gathered to make it such a special day for me, and I hope I get to repay the favor in some way to many of you in the near future!! Here is a glimpse at our day.


Cake- Classic Cakes in Carmel, Cupcakes- Pink Elephant, Baby clothes- Egg by Susan Lazar, A Mother’s Love Print- Kelli Murray



Kempton’s Room Tour


On August 1st we will have officially been moved into our new home for one year. When I look back to all of the projects we’ve completed in just that short period of time I am amazed, and exhausted! The project I dreamed about and planned out the most was the kids’ rooms. Although nothing ever seems quite “finished” here is a peek at Mr. Kempton’s nursery. >> I say nursery because when we moved in he was still in a crib. We have since changed it to a toddler bed (at 18 mo. which I was totally not ready for), and once we get his big boy bed some of the decorations will change in his room. But that’s another post for another time. Mostly everything in his room is DIY and I have a tutorial for the wall right here. Anything else is tagged at the end. Enjoy! 

So the funny thing about this Squidward stuffed animal is he randomly got it at the store that our aunt Susan works at and he won’t let it leave his sight. It’s kind of an odd thing, but hey the colors match so I’m just going with it :) Also not pictured are his multiple “special” blankies. He carries so many around and has to sleep with all of them (the grey little giraffe blanket is his favorite.) Daddy started this bedtime routine that when we tuck him in we have to count each special blanket as it is laid on top of him. He now insists that we count all the animals in his bed too. He is just too precious, and it is such a special memory I won’t soon forget!

Here are some of the items I’m still wanting to add to his room….


Wall decals >> Walls by Mur

Black crocheted blanket >> JJmotown

Curly bear >> Build a bear (a tradition we do for all of our kids with their heart beat inside and a special message from mommy and daddy)

Lion Stuffed animal >> Jellycat

Triangle blanket >> Little Hip Squeaks (similar)

Geometric grey pillow >> West Elm (similar)

Animal pillow >> Ikea (no longer available)

Crib skirt >> Dwell Studio (no longer available)

Crib >> Pottery Barn

Pyramid Lamp >> Crate and Barrel (no longer available)

Moccasins >> Freshly Picked

Sheep skin >> Ikea

Felt balls >> Hello Maypole

Large white light >> Ikea

Bumpdate- 34 weeks


34 weeks! Wow this time has flown by. To be honest I’m not wishing it away at all. Other than being a little uncomfortable I can’t complain much. I’ve never enjoyed a pregnancy like this one, so I’m trying to savor every last moment. I’m taking it all in. All the kicks, crazy cravings, and even the tiredness. I sometimes get frustrated when I feel like I have to take a rest because there is just so much to do, but then I quickly remind myself that it’s because the baby is growing and I need to just give in to my body. The heat doesn’t make it any easier, but I’m not complaining. I’ve scoped out all the nearby kiddie pools and most days that’s where you’ll find meand the kids.

A lot has gone on since the last update. I guess it’s because we are getting down to crunch time. I had my maternity photos taken by the ever so talented Ashley Elizabeth Moore. I just love how she captures pure beauty and makes the moments in my life so special. I’m dying to see the rest!!


My BFF Erin came all the way from Michigan to throw me the most girly shower there ever was!! She spoiled me rotten with every pink treat imaginable. Baby girl sure is blessed to have so many amazing women in her life.


I’ve gotten a lot of work done in the nursery. There are still things to do in there, but I feel content with the progress. I feel like if she was to come early I’d be ready. It’s funny because we all love to just hang out in this room. I catch the boys playing in there all the time!! When I need quiet time this seems the be the place I retreat to. Oh baby sister we have no idea whats coming do we?!


I’ve continued to work my makeup business even though 8 hours on my feet can be tough at times. I just love it so much and a little extra cash never hurt right?! Especially when you have a little diva on the way. On a sad note we say good-bye to our best friends and neighbors this month. Jared and Nell are moving to Minnesota for his job and I can barely talk about it. Brooks and I are so sad but we know that our friendship is strong enough to last the distance. Hopefully they move back someday!!


(See that LARGE shark cake, yeah that’s called giving in to my cravings!)


34 Weeks

How far along: exactly 34 weeks

Baby is the size of a: cantaloupe. About 4 3/4 lbs and 18 inches long.

Maternity clothes: I still never gave in and bought any. I got a couple things from Pink Blush Maternity and had a nice pair of designer jeans from last time around but that’s it! I happened to have a couple pairs of jean shorts that were bigger on me that fit great and I’m loving elastic bands, maxi dresses, and kimonos. I’ve also taken over all of my husband’s super soft v-neck tees. Good thing he’s got style cause most of his tshirts are now in my closet :)


Sleep: It’s getting harder to sleep. I have not had too much heart burn, or any acid reflux this time which is awesome, but my belly is so heavy that it is hard to get comfortable. Plus I’m waking up to pee and then I’m kind of wide awake. I guess it’s my internal clock getting ready for baby.

Exercise: Just this week I gave it up. I kept up with my yoga and running till 34 weeks and it just seems too much for me now. I almost blacked out in class the other day and decided I needed to stop. I think I would continue to go to gentle yoga if it wasn’t such a hassle to lug both boys in to kid zone. The summer is so busy and you have to make a reservation on Saturday for Tuesday’s class otherwise you stand there and wait for other children to leave. Like I’m thinking about Tues on Sat!!! Now I take Kempton on bike rides and Emmy on walks as a way to keep my body moving.

Movement: She moves all the time! I’m to that point where my stomach gets totally distorted depending on where she is laying. Almost anyone who is around me has seen my whole belly moving around. She reacts the most to cold drinks.

Any Cravings: Ice!!

Miss Anything: Bending over to pick things up with ease. Coffee. Running. Crop tops.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope but my smells are still very en heightened.

Any Labor Signs: Lots of braxton hicks while riding in the car.

Wedding ring on or off: on. I’ve had no swelling this time.

Happy or moody: Errr probably more moody than before. I’m still mostly happy, but being out of breath and not being able to bend over makes me grouchy.

Looking forward to: Getting special custom Etsy orders in the mail and my MI trip

Best moment of the week: Finding a City Mini double stroller brand new for 1/4 the price!!

Until next time! (If there is another bumpdate ;) ;))

xo, Mandy

Pink Blush Maternity / Pink Invasion giveaway!

Maternity clothes are one of those things that  I normally avoid at all costs. Except for the occasional splurge for a nice pair of stretchy jeans I don’t even step foot in the stores. I have always felt that there are a lot of great non maternity options for your growing belly so why spend the dough on items you won’t wear post baby? Well I must admit my mind has been slightly changed. I came across Pink Blush Maternity a couple months ago and I’m totally hooked!IMG_9262

They have great basic and trendy pieces at even greater prices, and they are constantly sending out discount codes and shipping codes making it an even better deal to shop with them! And guess what non pregnant friends?!? They now have a  women’s line as well!! There are so many things I love on the site it is hard to choose, but this minty floral dress really jumped out at me. I can totally see myself wearing it post baby with studded heels and a jean jacket.

IMG_9280         IMG_9279

All of their pieces are so nicely made. Most likely you’re only going to buy a couple pieces of maternity, so it’s nice to purchase quality items. If you haven’t checked out their website I encourage you to head over there.  Like them on Facebook for 20% off. Sign up for emails and get exclusive deals! It’s really a no brainer. Plus….. I am giving away $25 store credit on my instagram account @madeoverbymandy!! Yep Pink Invasion Giveaway #3 is shopping credit!!! Head on over to my page to enter. Also for fun I am sharing my love it list with you. Click here to see what is in my shopping cart!

Freshly Picked



Have you ever found a brand that you just love for so many reasons?! Well Freshly Picked is one of those for me. I am all about buying cute and trendy clothing for my kids, but when great quality and customer service is included it’s just the icing on the cake. Susan Peterson, the CEO and founder of Freshly Picked is just a joy to work with and I was blessed to get to hold a give a way for a pair of her moccasins on my instagram page last week.  It’s clear that her stand out product is gaining popularity and so I am writing a review in case you were thinking about taking the plunge!



There is no doubt that these moccs are the cutest thing on the planet, but the $$ could be what is holding you back. Or the fact that living in the midwest you can’t have your baby in moccasins all year round like those cute California folks. I hear ya! These were a couple of my concerns before I splurged, and this is the conclusion I came to. If that many people are paying top dollar for baby shoes I must be missing out. So I waited till there was a sale (this happens at least a couple times a year) and bought a universal color that I knew I could pass down to my next child, or that I would have an easy time selling (yes resale on these babies is great!) and then I waited. When there is a sale it’s like black friday online and the shipping time takes longer due to the amount of orders so waiting is the hardest part. When that perfectly minimalistic package finally made it’s way to me I couldn’t be more pleased. I am one of those nuts that pays attention to every detail, and every detail was beyond compare.



I quickly slipped them on Kempton’s feet and headed outside for some photo opps. The whole time I was taking pictures I was extremely nervous about the precious bottoms of my new platinum moccasins, but every time I checked them the dirt wiped right off. Yes they do eventually get somewhat dirty on the bottoms, or get to the point where you can see their little toe marks, but this just shows the miles of love your child has put in them and is a great reminder of how tiny their toes used to be! What I’ve heard a lot of other mommy moccasin owners say is the more you wear them, the more you can start to see all of the memories you’ve made in them.  Susan calls it “investing in your memories”.  I love that! So now I don’t hesitate to wear them where ever we are going.


A little about the shoe. They really do stay on your child’s feet. The soft leather is like a slipper on their foot. The elastic isn’t too tight (as long as you get the right size) so it doesn’t leave marks on your baby’s chubby foot. The detail is impeccable. The colors are outstanding. And there is just something about the quality that beats all the rest.



Leather vs. Suede. Although I like the suede moccs, especially in the fall, the leather ones are by far my favorite. A couple small down falls about the suede are that the color transfers onto your baby’s feet the first couple times you wear them, so could probably transfer onto lighter colored leggings or pants as well. Also I have found the suede to run a bit smaller than the leather, maybe because they aren’t as stretchy. Because they don’t have as much give as the soft leather they do tend to be harder to get on chubby little feet. Also they don’t wipe up as well so some slight staining could occur. Luckily most of the colors come in the soft leather so if you are buying several maybe limit yourself to one suede pair. Cause if you’re like me you gotta at least have one of each to complete the many wardrobe creations you’ve come up with in your head!


Resale. These things hold their value!! Even a very used pair sells for around $3o online. Think about it… buy a pair on sale for $50 shipped, wear them on two or three of your kids, and then by that time the color will no longer exist and will be “rare” or “hard to find” status and you can sell them for almost what you have in them! Genius!!

If you have never checked out their products, head over to the website now!! There are so many great colors it might just make your head spin. When it came time to pick a pair for our little miss I had the hardest time. I settled on these limited edition ones and couldn’t be happier with my choice. I mean aren’t these the cutest little things you ever did see?!?


Heirloom Moccasins shown above (previous pictures included platinum moccs and blue suede)

If you have any questions feel free to message me and I promise to answer with my honest opinion! Happy shopping. Even if it’s just window shopping for now :)



*** I was given a pair of moccasins to use and review. All opinions are of course my own.

God cares about our #selfie


I’ve been praying for a long time now that God would show me ways to use my talents to glorify Him. It’s hard enough figuring out what your talents are, let alone what you should be doing with them. It’s normal to strive to make a difference, or to be known or recognized for our gifts, but is this enough?! If I could be remembered for one thing I would want it to be that I loved Jesus, not that I had great hair, a beautiful home, or a pretty news feed. I want others to see Christ through me daily. My struggle has been figuring out how to do this in a social media based, highlight reel world.

Being a makeup artist is a great passion of mine. I love making other women feel beautiful. I love teaching and showing others new options that are as simple as a new shade of lipstick. However the fashion industry can be very vain. It would be easy to fall into the trap of the impossible beauty standards that the media produces. It makes me sad when girls come in wanting to look like a certain celebrity, or an airbrushed picture on a makeup add. It’s impossible! If we look at ourselves only for the beauty that is on the outside we will never actually feel beautiful. I have to pray constantly that God would keep my focus in check and keep me doing things for the right reasons.

How appropriate that this past sunday at church the message was a play on social media and our life’s “news feed”.  So many times it seems people keep God totally separate from their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I mean it seems like a silly thing to involve Him in right? But really, if we are honest with ourselves, our news feed is a direct indication of what is actually on our heart.

Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

I’ll admit I love me some Instagram! You could say I’m borderline addicted to it. At some point each day I find myself browsing it to check in on my friends, snapping shots to upload an artsy picture, or going to it for inspiration. It has become a place of art for me. I love how a picture can tell a story and I love how we can share our creativeness together through social media. What I don’t like is the “shrine” I have somewhat created. The intent behind all of my posts are to inspire others. If that is not what I’m doing then I need to shut it down, because in no way do  I want to build a page focused on look at me!! Trust me I’m not that cool. I struggle with self confidence, self acceptance and the fear of failure all the time. What I always know is I have a God who loves me, a husband who adores me, and children who think I am simply the best and that is a truth I can rest in.

Philippians 2:3 “When you do things, do not let selfishness or pride be your guide. Instead, be humble and give more honor to others than to yourselves.”

So the focus has to be about others!  As much as I love documenting the great times in life, showing my kids when they are cute and behaving or my husband when he actually sends me flowers ;), I must continue to pray for focus. This is something everyone in every career should be doing. Praying that God uses them each day to serve others with their talents. I am getting ready to walk through wedding season, where I will be dealing with lots of brides. This can be a fun or a stressful time. My goal is to make these women feel as beautiful as possible and for them to see a difference in my heart and behavior. For that hour time slot I want to pour my  energy into these ladies lives and be a shinning spot of their day.

I started my instagram page just over a year ago after praying for God to give me some sort of outlet for my makeup and styling talents. A task that had always seemed so impossible or time consuming suddenly seemed so simple. God gave me a dream and a vision that day. I started out so encouraged and focused and like anything have had emotional dips throughout the journey. But God is always there putting me back on track. Giving me a little tap on the shoulder when I start to give myself glory, or rejoicing with me when a new friendship is made or a new ideais sprouted. There are great things that can come from social media and my prayer is that my feed can reflect the love and beauty I feel because of Christ alone! I hope to be a source of truth and inspiration for you. And I love feedback and accountability. If I’m ever seeming out of line I would not be offended if a friend in Christ sent me email to put me back in check. Also I want to produce fruits that are helpful to all of you. If there are specific things you want to see more of let me know! Thank you to everyone who has followed me this journey of self growth and creativity. You’re just the best!!!

Romans 12:14-16 “Bless your enemies; no cursing under your breath. Laugh with your happy friends when they’re happy; share tears when they’re down. Get along with each other; don’t be stuck up. Make friends with nobodies; don’t be the great somebody.”




Bumpdate- 28 weeks

Pregnancy still amazes me. The things that take place inside the belly are incredible. To think a human baby is living inside of me. I love feeling her move around, do flips, and get the hiccups. I love having her with me everywhere I go safe inside my belly. Theconnection Ialready share with this tiny being almost brings me to tears each time I think about it. Oh and did I mention I still get butterflies every time I get to say “her” or “she”?!?


What I do not care too much for is the shortness of breath I am experiencing. I got this way with Kempton at around 32 weeks or so. It almost gives me mild anxiety because I feel like at any moment I will not be able to catch my breath. When there is too much activity going on around me, or I’m asked to repeat myself multiple times, or the house is too noisy I almost feel as if I could pass out. I’ve had to go lay down in the middle of lunch because eating was too much!

The jabs and kicks I get from this little princess are so high up into my rib cage. I am definitely carrying her higher than any of my other babies, which my doctor says may of been whyI wasn’t as sick, but holy smokes breathing is hard! I am still able to do yoga, but have really cut back on my running. Rule of thumb for a prenatal exercise is at any point you should be able to stop and speak two sentences clearly. Other than the breathing I really can’t complain as I’ve had no late night leg cramps, heartburn, or nauseousness (knock on wood).


One thing I’m really trying to do this pregnancy (partly because I’m not working this time and partly because It’s my last pregnancy)  is take time to rest and pamper myself. I have been very blessed this time around to be able to stay home and spend some special one on one time with little Kempton before sister arrives. During my pregnancies with both boys I was so crazy sick, and so crazy busy. I laugh when I think of the ridiculous things I had to do as a full time working mommy. When you’re in the midst of it you just do what you have to do!! On my late nights I used to use my dinner break to go pick Cohen up from school, meet Brooks who was just getting off work to make the switch, and head back to work till 9. Whew makes me tired just thinking about it. Anyways I am thankful to have the opportunity to take it easy this time.

A little thing I like to do during naptime (if I’m not napping as well) is take a long bubble bath, use my clarisonic cleansing brush on my face and belly, and then finish with coconut oil all over! My skin has never felt so smooth! I’ve even been using it on my face and hair.  If you haven’t tried it Trader Joes has a whole jar for only $5.99.10308754_761891702553_7660396680953235651_n

28 weeks

How far along: Technically 27 weeks and 5 days

Baby is the size of a: large eggplant

Maternity clothes: With the exception of my Easter dress nope. Most of my jeans and pants still fit me because my belly is so high. Also thank goodness for jeggings!


Sleep: I’m getting great sleep. No issues here.

Exercise: Still doing Yoga on tuesdays and running on the elliptical twice a week. Now that it is finally warmer out we go on a family bike ride almost every night!

Movement: She moves a lot now! Daddy and Cohen have both gotten to feel her be-boppin about in there.

Any Cravings: ICE! Cohen has these lego ice trays that make the perfect blocks and I make a tray full just to sit down and eat them like candy later.

Miss anything: Running! Tight shirts tucked into skirts. Wearing high heels for more than an hour. Being able to paint my toes with ease. Being able to do a full chaturanga.

Anything make you queasy or sick: No not really.

Labor signs: A few small contractions here and there.



Wedding ring on or off: on

Happy or moody: Happy except when I feel rushed. I have noticed I get grumpy when too much is going on and I fear I may get short of breath.

Looking forward to: shopping for baby in Michigan, finishing the nursery, and my baby shower.

Best moment of the week: Discussing names with Daddy and finally feeling pretty confident on one :)


If you don’t already follow me on instagram (madeoverbymandy) you may want to check it out cause later this week I’ll be doing another Pink Invasion Giveaway. You don’t want to miss this one. I’ll give you a hint, the product I’m giving away rhymes with Meshly Kicked…. oh I’ve said too much :) :)