Beauty 101- Brows

Don’t skip the brows ladies! About half of the women I do make up on say they never fill in their eyebrows. Even if you are just brushing through them with a clear gel don’t skip this step. It is so important to framing your face and making all of your other features stand out.

Ok so I did a little bit of an extreme job so that you could really see the difference. ^^^ Making videos of yourself is so whacky! Anyways I hope this helps.

Chanel Brow Pencil $29

Dior brow styler $29

Trish McEvoy precision brow shaper $28

Laura Mercier powder $24

Anastasia Brows- If you are a complete novice make and appointment with a specialist from Anastasia. They will help shape your brows and sell you the perfect products all catered to you!



A Girlie Easter Basket

Playing Easter bunny was more fun than ever this year. Adding a girl to the mix opens a world of opportunities. I have compiled a list of my go to shops this spring for your shopping convenience. Here are some of the things that will be popping out of Aniston’s easter basket this year. Enjoy.1 2

1. I buy a lot of stuff from the Fawn Shoppe. Everything in this shop is so cute and it is free shipping in the US. The Kiko wooden star cookies are definitely a fav. Along with the Seedling jump rope, Malieg carrot rattle, and the Jess Brown bunny.

2. Minikin bunny ears, yes please!

3. How could you ever pass up this Stella McCartney bunny romper. It’s just so stinkin cute.

4. Jellycats are always a must in my book. I love this woodland bunny stufftie

5. Little Crane Headbands are just so sweet. I want one of each color.

6. Bannor toys hit it out of the park with the bunny teether.

7. And how adorable is the Honest company’s pineapple diaper cover?!


For the kid’s easter baskets this year I decided to go to Target and buy wire baskets that I will actually repurpose in their rooms once the holiday is over. This threshold one matches Aniston’s room so perfectly with the hint of rose gold on the handle.

4 5These are some items on my wish list. These vendors are so amazing, but they are one woman shops and can only make so many pieces. So unfortunately their items go very quickly. They are still worth checking out and wishing and hoping!! K&elphy sandals and Heart me Luv bunny romper. Be still my heart!!

 And lastly these itty bitty bunny bracelets made by yours truly!! Guys they are so adorable in person. These little pieces of bling are sure to amp up your little’s easter attire! More info to come on my instagram page monday. They are limited, so be on the lookout!!

Hoppy Shopping xo


Beauty 101: Loose curls

For those who have been asking here is a peek at how I do my loose beachy curls.


I use a 3/4″ barrel curling iron on at least 1 day dirty hair. I start on one side of the head and work my way around changing directions of the curl to make it random throughout. Once my whole head is curled I go back through and fix any random pieces that I may want to have a bit of extra curl. Hope this helps!




I have a daughter. pinch me.

10922755_836934740703_4772377572231725904_n 10492150_834524346153_985563326102425206_n If you can’t tell I’m fully enjoying having a girl!! Although we don’t wear pink everyday, I love having pink as an option! It was exactly one year ago that I found out I would get to be a little girl mommy, and it’s a day I never want to forget. I had pictured the moment in my mind over and over. Every time I thought about hearing those words “It’s a girl” I couldn’t help but cry. It has definitely always been a dream of mine. Not that I don’t LOVE my little boys (they are such a blessing in so many ways) but I’ve always longed for that female bond. I talked to God about it a lot. I prayed for a daughter. I know that may sound weird, but I had honest conversations with God.  He ultimately knows all the desires of my heart, so why would I lie in my prayers. I also prayed that if I was not meant to have a girl that He would comfort me and fill that longing in other ways. I totally trusted in His plan for my life, and went into the ultrasound with such a peaceful heart.

It was Valentine’s day and Brooks was very sick. Our lunch date and ultrasound turned into taking him to urgent care and Panera in bed. He still wanted to go with me to the ultrasound but I wanted him to stay and rest. As I was walking out the door I heard him hobble down the stairs and say that he just couldn’t miss it. He knew how big of a moment this was for me and our family and he really wanted to be a part of it. Looking back Brooks being sick was all part of the plan.  Instead of being super nervous while the technician moved all around my belly all I could think about was my sick husband sitting by my side trying to hold in coughs, sweating and breaking a fever. I went into mom mode. I wanted to baby him and take care of him. It was taking the technician an awkwardly long time and she finally had me get up and drink some juice. Later she told me that she thought she saw the three lines earlier but needed to be sure. When she said those three words I was longing to hear, “it’s a girl”, we both just stared blankly. Maybe we were in shock. I definitely didn’t respond the way I thought I would. She actually looked at me and said “are you happy?” Hahahaha YES!!!! I’m so happy I can’t even express it. I felt exactly how I felt on my wedding day. So many emotions that I was emotionless. Does that make sense? Like I want to laugh, cry, jump up and down all at the same time.

Anyways I can’t count the number of times over the next few weeks that it would just hit me and I would start to cry. I’m going to have a girl. My life is going to change so much. We won’t have an all boy house anymore. I feel like I won the lottery! Now that she is here I still pinch myself. I dreamed of her as a child. She is so much better than I could of ever even imagined. I’ll report back to you when we are in the junior high stage, but for now it’s purse bliss.

Here is a video I made last year as an ode to our little princess.




How are you already three? I mean I look at you and yes you look like a three year old and you talk like a three year old, but how did three years pass so fast.  Just 6 months ago you were still my baby. I’m thankful that you still snuggle up and let me hold you like a baby. When we brought you home from the hospital daddy could hold you in one hand. You were so tiny, yet so mighty. That is still your M.O. You are the skinniest little thing but you hold your own around here.1 2


Now that you are getting a little older you are starting to form a bond with your big brother. 80% of the time you are getting on each other’s nerves, but that sweet sweet 20% makes your mama’s heart flutter. I often thank God for knowing just what our family needed when He brought us you. A second little boy. The middle child. Your personality is priceless. You have such a genuine heart and loving spirit. Everything is your “favorite” or so “goodies”.  Lots of times when you see that your mommy is starting to get frustrated you take my hand and say “love you mommy”.  Your positive outlook on life is contagious.


I love that God made you such a cheerleader for our family. He knew exactly what unique traits you would need to be the middle child in our crazy bunch.  Mostly any new thing you try you master quickly. Things just seem effortlessly easy to you and you aren’t afraid to fail. You are up for any adventure and those conversations go a little like this… Kemp- “mommy what’s that a picture of?” Me- “a mountain”  Kemp- “ooh I want to go there, lets go mommy. Let’s go climb it. It’s my favorite”.  Or Kemp- “mommy where did Milton our elf go?” Me- “He’s in the North Pole with Santa Claus” Kemp-  “Let’s go there.”  Me- “Honey it’s really far and really cold.”  Kemp- “Oh it’s really far? I want to go, let’s go tell daddy we’ll see him after dinner. We’re going to the North Pole yay!!”

5 6

You’re our little goldie locks sandwiched in between two brownies. We call you mega watt from time to time. We also call you Kemp daddy, the daddy, kemp daddy all day (um yeah really different nick names!! Ask your daddy about those some day :) Mommy calls you nugget and you so sweetly answer to all of the crazy things we call you even when we fumble around and call you Cohen.


You are still attached to your grey blankie and now have two babies that you carry around.  Monkey Patch (a cabbage patch monkey baby that you originally named monkey charm and then changed it to monkey patch), and baby Charlie, who you also named on your own. When you nap you still ask for a sippy of milk, your blankie and babies, the star turned on (baby music that you stole from your sister), and your fan turned on. You nap only a couple times a week now because on the days you nap you have the hardest time sleeping at night. Sometimes you lay in your bed past midnight reading books. But it’s so sweet cause you know not to get out of your bed even though you have been in there since 8 p.m. On the rare occasion that you try and sneak out we catch you peek around the corner and then toss your blankies across the hall to Cohen’s room, then quickly scamper across (insert diaper noise).  It’s the cutest thing ever! And when daddy says “Keeeeemp get back in bed,” you say “Oh Man!” and run right back.

8 9 10 11

Some of the cute things you say….

* You call knives sharks

* You ask a question and then say did you say yes? You said yes? Oh thank you mommy!

* (Talking about food) Yeah I like that. It’s my favorite. It’s goodies. (slurp noise)

* You point out every basketball hoop that you see and ask to go shoot.

* You think daddy can fix everything… ” haf a fix it daddy”

I’m going to continue adding to this list as the year goes on! We love you Mr. Kemp!!!


Daily Rhythms {of a part time working mom}

I am being featured over on my girlfriend Kate’s blog as a part of her “Daily Rhythms” series. It really is quite an honor as Kate is a superb writer and experienced blogger. Her blog and Etsy shop are on fire right now and it’s electric to be even the smallest part of that.

Here is a teaser of my piece “Daily Rhythms of a Part Time Working Mom”. To get the rest you’ll have to head on over to

9:45 Ahhh I’m in the car alone. I’m ALONE! Sometimes I just sit in the running car for a minute and take it all in. I then make my 10 minute commute and bust through the doors of the beautifully crisp Saks Fifth Avenue. It’s 10 a.m. and the day is just beginning in the world of retail. We all have our hopes set high that this will be an awesome day. Today in particular is a special holiday event and fashion show. My job will be to quickly do the model’s makeup and then my appointments that start around 11.  So I pick out a lip color for the day. That always sets the mood. Hmmm today it will be red, bright red. Chanel Pirate to be exact. I check the counter’s stock of this color before applying because what I wear I sell and will no doubt deplete their stock by the end of the day.



10521224_814640229083_323541778447535343_nI took the past week off of social media to really soak up the holiday spirit and spend time with the three little rugrats that I am so thankful for. I realized that sometimes documenting a moment actually takes away from the moment. The timing was perfect and we were able to do a lot of the “little extras”. Those of you who know me know how much I love getting festive for holidays, so we put the tree up early, started listening to Christmas music, and began to really search our hearts for ways that we could make this holiday season different from all the rest.


As a family we helped Mission of Hope pack meals for Kids Against Hunger. In less than two hours we packed over 100,000 meals that will be sent to Haiti for the kids in Bible schools there.  The kids and I also packed three shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child full of gifts to bless a child in another country and to spread the love of Jesus. I am always looking for ways around this time of year to get the kids involved in serving others. Like having them spend their own allowance to buy toys for the less fortunate, or donating some of their belongings to other kids who would otherwise not get a Christmas present. Our hearts are already so full and we are entering into December with such a joyous spirit. But we as a family want to do more. We are continuing to pray for ways that we can share God’s love this season. Even if it’s something as simple as helping a stranger scrape ice off their windshield, or hot chocolate for the bus driver. I am praying that we keep our eyes focused on the true meaning of Christmas.

With that being said I will probably continue to be a little quieter on social media throughout the holidays. I do love looking back at memories through pictures, but I love investing the memories even more.





One thing that is also making this holiday season a little less chaotic for me is the fact that I am doing most of my Christmas shopping from small businesses. I love supporting families and other stay-at-home moms and I also love shopping in my pjs. This black friday I will be cuddled up by the fire, sipping coffee, and checking everyone off my list. For fun I thought I’d give you a peek at my shopping list. Oh and most of these wonderful stores are doing something fun for black friday so you’ll have to check them out.




Bannor Toys State Rattle


Little Hip Squeaks romper


Baby Jules Boutique sparkle bow


Sweet Mama Makes swaddle blanket + burp cloths


Little Missy Bell rag doll

Breelynd’s Rose crocheted beanie


Caged bird bracelets

*Don’t forget to check out Kelli Murray’s new kids line Rylee + Cru


Riley Clay Designs shirt


Shop Maisie Jayne harem pants

Finomenon kids shirt

*Check out Roman + Leo store online


Good seeds shirt


Kiwi crate subscription

Puzzle People


Inkist Prints Indianapolis skyline watercolor


Alacart Creations bottle opener


Strapping Chap Soap Co exfoliating soap


Riley Clay designs shirt

Mom + Becky-

Naptime Diaries prints



Frame able gold foil cards from Read Between the Lines



Whats on your list this year? I’d love to hear how you are shopping small. #shopsmall