Siesta Key

A week away with my favorite person. Mostly just coffee dates, morning jogs, beach strolls, fine dinning, oh and Disney. Sounds like perfection right?! Well it pretty much was.  #takemeback



Siesta Key trip- winter 2016



Eva NYC {hair}

Eva NYC is a company thriving in the heart of New York city. They are inspired by everything that encompasses the New York lifestyle. Fashion, food, fitness, travel. They have somehow managed to give their customers the best of both worlds; a great quality product at a very affordable price. And that price point is about to get even better…


This desirable hair care line is set to launch next week at your local Costco! You will then be able to buy a liter bottle of shampoo and conditioner for only $9.99 each!!! wowza! Included in the launch will also be their amazing dry shampoo. Gosh I love this stuff, and it’s especially great for girls with bangs.


Ok so I’ve bragged about the price point, but have you seen the packaging?! These pink bottles make my shower so happy. I am a sucker for aesthetics, and the smell, yep it’s pretty amazing too. There is just too much to love about these products. Here is a little bit of more detailed info.

CLEAN IT UP SHAMPOO CLEANSE – RESTORE – NOURISH PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Eva NYC Clean It Up Shampoo cleanses and clarifies while infusing hair with vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. This lathery formula helps nourish and strengthen hair leaving it soft, manageable and voluminous.

KEY SELLING POINT: “The Eva NYC Clean It Up Shampoo is a daily shampoo that is infused with Keravis Protein & Argan Oil, and is clinically proven to TRIPLE the strength of hair.”

KEY INGREDIENTS: Keravis Protein Moisturizes and strengthens

 Keravis protein is a copolymer of hydrolyzed vegetable protein & silicone

 It has been clinically proven to increase strength and elasticity of both normal and damaged hair Argan Oil Nourishes, protects and repairs

 Argan Oil is a rich source of antioxidants and fatty acids and is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic, and medicinal purposes

 Argan Oil is packed with Vitamins A & E which help to nourish and protect hair, skin and nails

Best part is there are no parabens, artificial coloring, or animal testing done on these products. And in the dry shampoo, no sulfates, sodium chloride, aluminum, talc, or white residue!


I had to share this cute little blip I found describing an Eva girl.

WHO IS EVA? Eva is our go-to girl. A New Yorker who knows what she wants and won’t stop until she gets it. Eva’s the girl everyone wants to be best friends with. She is reliable, fashionable, and full of sass! She is the #queen of social media, trend-savvy, and knows cool before it’s cool. Eva’s a risk-taker in both life and style; always ready for an adventure without a hair out of place. In truth, Eva is a little bit of all of us. From girly and feminine, to bold and fearless– Eva is our girl.



Official Costco launch is Feb 15. You’re welcome!  For other amazing products check out their website for a list of retailers.






Pull through braid

Mandy Odle12688237_910653108503_1320369658040604255_n12669620_910653193333_8631477720512119825_n12654196_910653068583_1492220705629855002_n12647478_910653123473_4733321754703590934_n12654431_910653243233_8476823635744351587_n12644974_910653168383_4786936463283973063_n

This has been my go to hair style as of late. There are so many different ways to dream up this braid. If you can even call it a braid ha! It’s a faux braid. Anyways I braided a couple of my friend’s hair the other night and each of them desired a different style. On one of my girlfriends I did a mohawk kind of look and that was really cute.  You just have to play with it a bit till you find what looks best on you. I made a video for you guys, but it’s subpar at best. I have no idea while all of my stuff seems grainy lately (blurry pics above) but you will get the gist, and if not there are a ton of way better quality videos out there. Just search “pull through braid”.





Sunshine, makeup, and cold pressed juice


This past week I had an awful case of the vacation blues. It took everything in me just to unpack and do laundry. So by Friday I had to get out. The sun was shinning, it was almost 60 degrees in Indiana late January. I used nap time as an opportunity to get ready. To actually do my makeup. And this pull through braid has been such a game changer for me. Yes I know I owe you a blog post/tutorial on that as well. The other main factor in my boost of energy is my juicing. I’ve recently grown to love cold pressed juices and I highly recommend seeking out vendors that make them in your area. The best juices don’t have a long shelf life, so do your research. Today specifically I chose Lush Love for an extra metabolic boost.

Jacket- BbDakota 

Jeans- Jbrand

Shoes- Lucky Brand (similar)

Bag- Rebecca Minkoff/Goyard


I had to leave you with some pictures of this little mini blogger in training ;)




Pink overload


Head wrap (similar), Leo- Vintage, Distressed Jean shorts- gap, Tights- Gymboree, Boots- Hunter, Bracelets- braided mermaid, neckalce- madeover by mandy


With Valentine’s day or as we call it in our home, heart day, right around the corner we’ve been in quite the red and pink mood. We normally don’t wear a lot of pink, but this time of year I can’t get enough. I’m also enjoying more pink in house decor and meal planning. Below I posted some ideas from Pinterest that we have tried and are sure to be a hit in your home as well!

Sweet Heart Smoothie

Strawberry chocolate chip cookies

DIY table cloth

Cupcake cones

Winter Wreath







We decided on a whim to go to Disney just the two of us. It was a chilly 50 degree day and traveling around the world just seemed like the perfect thing to do. I’m so glad we did because without the kids we were able to really explore each country. Eating and drinking our way around the world was such a fun experience, one I highly recommend. The only country I didn’t get a picture of was Norway due to much construction (a frozen ride!). We showed up at the park around 11 and stayed till 9. It was plenty of time to do everything we wanted, and we even had to kill time before fast passes a few times. If you are ever in the disney area with nothing to do, I highly suggest getting in on the magic. You feel it from the second you step on the property, and miss it the second you leave.











Our favorite beer on tap in Germany. Grapefruit Schofferhoffer


Sushi in Japan


Charging our phones in the U.S. (Capitol Building) 






Waltzing around the UK


Drinking a Pims in the UK


Checking out the falls in Canada


Meeting the characters. For our kids of course ha!