My Handmade Holiday shopping guide

It’s no secret that I love shopping small, and supporting other creative mamas. To me a quality handmade piece is a treasure that I can either pass on to others when I’m through with it, or save for my grandchildren and their children. It starts with the beautifully custom packaging to the uniqueness of a OOAK piece and of course every little detail in between that makes shopping hand made my favorite at Christmas and all year long.

I could honestly go on and on with this subject (the true cost of fashion, and knowing the ethics behind the brands you are buying), but I’ll save that for a later time. Right now I want to excite you with all the gorgeousness surrounding my shopping list. While most of the things are for Aniston there are little gems tucked in there for me and the boys.

Also I’m giving you this list before black friday, because most of these shops will be running their biggest sales of the year!! It’s good to have your game plan all mapped out. Nothing beats shopping huge sales online in my pjs!




Dainty Cheeks


Briar Handmade


Milky Wood


Ulla Viggo


Fourth and Pierce




June and January


Louloulollipop Finery


Free Babes




Braided Mermaid


Petite Soul


Crew and Lu


Little Beans Co


Starry Knight Design


Bitsy Mermaid


Everly Avenue

Dylbug Little Me Vegi Plate


home-featured-promo-bCotton Castle Kids

il_570xN.859093680_scnrThe Providence Story


I’m also obsessed with pixie hats and fur collars right now. What are some things on your handmade shopping list?!





Aniston Turns One {Part 2}


I knew I wanted to have a unicorn first birthday party for Aniston as soon as I started designing her nursery. As I played with iridescents and pale colors I just couldn’t wait to see my theme play out. Of course there were so many more ideas I had in my head that I never got to execute, but I’ll just save those for the parties to come :). Oh the joy of having a baby girl!!!

ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0073 ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0072 ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0066

We borrowed the pony from an amish family and he was seriously the sweetest thing. His name was Buster and the kids just loved him. I was able to go over the night before and decorate his hair with the little amish girls. They got a kick out of the whole thing! And of course I felt so blessed to have Ashley Moore, one of my best friends and most talented photographers, there to capture the magic!! So here are the pics!! I’ll tag as many vendors as I can at the bottom, but keep in mind so much was DIY.

ani turns 1-0001 ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0002 ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0004 ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0005 ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0010 ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0011 ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0012
ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0016 ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0015ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0017ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0021ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0022ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0025ani turns 1-ani turns 1-0026View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: turns 1-ani turns 1-0098View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: 12027514_885866336393_2953151894558460358_n12032192_885946765213_4940426590763617331_n12027694_885866191683_3732286854627112401_n

Cakes,Unicorn candle holder, Unicrown, Aniston’s outfit, Mandy’s top (similar) and shorts, Pinata, Swing, Birthday Banner, party plates, Unicorn doll, baby buggyunicorn headband.

Cotton Candy Dreams


When you finally have a daughter, and an excuse to buy pink you tend to incorporate it as often as possible. What could be more girlie or more pink than cotton candy?! The other female of the house is our 10 year old pomapoo Emmy. She is my first born, the baby I used to dress up before having human kids. She loves to be involved in our activities. Brings her back to the old days I guess. I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a pink pet. Her hair is snow white, and takes to color so nicely. So even though it is Halloween eve, I thought I’d quickly share this costume tutorial with all of you. It honestly was easy and quick. I had to laugh when several people asked if I bought it from Pottery Barn, and even others asked to buy off of me ha!! It did take a couple tries to make my little picky princess actually wear the costume without fussing, so I’ll walk you step by step through what I did.


All you need is a pink long sleeve onesie or leotard



A knife

Glue gun

Faux spider web

Pink thread

Pink felt


poster board  (or something similar) to make a cotton candy cone


 I started by making my fluff pink. Shaved chalk is what makes it look most real. Spray painting the cotton would make it stiff. I did end up lightly spraying a tad bit in to test but liked the way the chalk looked way better. After I got it pretty pink I decided it might of been less messy to pink my fluff after glueing to the body suit. The chalk makes a huge mess! Do it outside if possible! 12189843_893649069733_4157845325637498637_n

After glueing the bulk of it to the onesie I I added more pink and more fluff as needed. This is where it gets tricky, because the polyfil is hard to glue to itself. Just add as much glue as you can. Also keep chalking and shaking the costume out till you get the desired color. I used two different shades of pink chalk.


 You also want to make sure you get the sides glued down well. Hang the bodysuit up and glue the cotton as if the costume was on the child.

12189761_893641205493_8333349587673775855_n Next you have to make the head piece. I cute an oval of pink felt and just glued some elastic underneath to make a headband. I took some leftover pink fluff and glued it onto the pink felt with a real cotton candy cone (leftover from her first birthday) sticking out the top. Secure the cone with lots of glue and fluff around it so it doesn’t droop down or fall off.

The last thing I did was take a fake spider web, you know the kind you buy around halloween for decoration, and I stretched it all over the body of the costume. I then sewed it on around the neck and legs. What I found was Aniston hated having all the fluff in her face and around her neck. When the costume was on she would just pull and yank all the fluff off. Once I contained the cotton in a nicely shaped ball she was way better with it. The spider web is very thin, and looks like candy too. It really worked nicely. Then just throw on some pink tights and cute shoes and you’ve got the costume!


I also puffed some blush on Aniston’s cheeks and put pink hair chalk in her hair. Sometimes it’s those little extra details that make the costume. As for Emmy I used the same method with her hair as I did the costume. I shaved chalk over her and then rubbed it in. Wah Lah a pink doggie! For the area by her face I took the pieces of chalk and simply colored. My puppy loved it because she felt like she was getting rubbed and petted.

12189121_893642278343_3700900744678775765_n Yep thats my pup!

12190091_893642048803_6674892485351703210_n 12088188_893642113673_3673807382447673823_n

Their expressions kill me. Two peas in a pod.

12036458_893642323253_2229205375805697674_n 12191674_893642153593_6536360418285373590_n 12065902_893642228443_2626355500275991531_n 12189549_893641579743_7218880998529751745_n

Photos by Me @madeoverbymandy

Moccs by @freshlypicked 

Spooky Makeover


The other day my husband called and asked if I wanted take the kids to a Halloween festival that night. Of course I do, but our costumes weren’t ready yet. So I had to think up something quick. I realized all the kids had skeleton pjs and I could do my makeup. We’d be a family of bones!! I turned to one of my friends at work and said, “guess what?! I’m going to make myself into a skeleton here in a bout 10 minutes”. Ok it took more like 20 min, but we didn’t have much time. I grabbed the lightest shade of foundation and two different black eyeliners and Wah Lah! I transformed myself into a spooky skeleton with only three products. It wasn’t until after I finished my makeup that I realized I still had to go pick up takeout. Oops!

Now you could get way more into this, and order some creepy contacts. Or actually use face paint that would allow you to be more detailed. But this post is to give you inspiration of some Halloween makeup you can easily whip up.

12108241_892508305833_5419347411404876592_n This woodland deer is what I did last year.


And this sugar skull the year before.

You really can’t mess up a skeleton. You can always smudge out the black and line over it. It ends up just looking like shading, and once all of the makeup is on it just seems to look good. I’m a pretty impatient person so I tend to rush through my own makeup. I’m normally doing it during naptime and I know I need to rush. My point is, don’t be intimidated, YOU CAN DO IT!! Here are some more ideas that could be pretty fun!

de1e09ed47c7470ea19c045c369fe7dc 4f611e72183cc91b9f22f98b75662f52 x1579b55e6111f36d6c4ffbe7eaa7b9b29561
 Or you could always go right to the source. Mr. Kate rocks Halloween in general!!! She even has a step by step of skeleton makeup!!


Have fun with it!! A little bit of hair spray and face paint can go a long way.




Fall Flat Lay {outfit planning for my mini}


A lot of times after a shopping haul I like to lay everything out and make up quick outfits. This helps me see what (if anything) I am still in need of for the season. Also it gives me some easy go to outfits for days when I don’t have time to think up a cute one. I snap pics with my phone and keep them in an album called “Aniston’s outfits” or “Kempton’s outfits” you get the drill. The other day when I was snapping pictures I got to thinking, why have I never shared these with you all before?! The flat lays I come up with create great inspiration for all future looks I put together. Most of the time these original outfits are my favorites, but there are times when a hypothetical outfit stays just that. Maybe you would be inspired by some of these looks too! So without further ado, Aniston’s fall flatlays. Oh and I’ve tagged all of the shops (the best I could) for your shopping convenience!!


Jean Jacket-Children’s Place. Sweater-Old Navy. Bloomers-Little Willow Tree. Shoes-Zara. Bow-Everyly Avenue. FoxSocks-Ali Express


Cardigan-American Apparel. Tshirt-Old Navy (similar). Bloomers-Made by me. Moccasins-Minnetonka (similar). Bracelet- MadeoverbyMandy Hat-Vintage


Knit Overalls- Lalaka shop (similar). Leotard- Thrifted (similar). Vest-EWMcall. Bows-Everly Avenue. Shoes-Old Navy


Vest-Old Navy (similar). Dress-The Striped Fig. Socks-Bobo choses. Jacket-Lenox Clothing. Ear Warmer- Breelynd’s Rose.


Jacket-Crazy 8. Tshirt-Old Navy (similar). Ripped Denim-Oshkosh (distressed by me). Ears-Target (dollar bin). Shoes-Chuck Taylors.


Scarf-Everly Avenue. Sweater-Old Navy. Bloomers-Liboosha (similar). Moccasins-Starry Knight Design. Bracelet-Braided Mermaid. Socks-Luxie Blooms


Crop top-Little Willow tree. Leggings-EWMcall. Fur Vest-Sweet Mama Makes. Bows- Everly Avenue. Shoes-Old Navy


Shirt-Old Navy (similar). Skirt-Old Navy. Suspenders-H&M. Shoes-Crazy 8. Glasses-Janie and Jack (similar). Leg Warmers-The Crafted Co. Bracelets- Lucky Sage.

The Fall transition

Let’s face it, as much as we all love summer we’ve anxiously been yearning for a crisp in the air. Though we’ve been slightly teased with it the hot days just keep on rolling in. Especially our dear Californians. It’s hot hot hot there, but there is a way to dress for the heat and still feel fall festive. Styling outfits for the transition can be fun too, and honestly I’ll put off the cold as long as I can. 

Wear this dress unbuttoned over a short long sleeved black dress with tall boots for chillier days. Or with some skinny jeans and a tee. The possibilities are endless!  

DSC07265 DSC07266 DSC07267 DSC07269
DSC07289 DSC07292 DSC07284 DSC07278 DSC07264 DSC07274

I had to include some behind the scenes with the munchkins cause c’mon who doesn’t want to take their kids to work :/ No but seriously, they are my best accessory and so super sweet. Photos by Kelly Englert. 

Hat Forever 21

Dress Dry Goods (similar)

Shoes Chuck Taylors

Bracelet Kate Spade 

Wristlet Louis Vuitton

Micro Fashion {Fall Favorites}

Fall is my favorite time of year for dressing my kids. It’s the best time of year for mixing and matching, layering and combining seasons, and of course mashing up patterns. Sometimes the best outfit is totally unplanned, or unmatched. Let your creative side run wild here!


Of course I am also a big believer in the simpler the better. But for the most part I let my boys help me pick their favorite pieces, then we style them together.


Here is a quick list of pieces I’m loving for the fall.

Faux leather leggings (For Aniston and Kemp)

Vests and here and here

Dusty blue

Mary Janes

Tall socks (Yes this is where all the shops are getting them from, don’t overpay!!)


Ripped Denim (Thrift some skinny jeans or get on major sale and rip em up)

Everything Zara 

Chunky sweaters

Doc Martens

12105970_890310560133_5402725548789501917_n 12088070_890310590073_2533894621809457956_n


Everything EWMcCall

Fringe Moccs from Starry Knight Design

12106960_890310280693_8466129499899381497_n 12108212_890310305643_3127777360096907558_n 11218460_890310340573_3633465253596599553_n 11228127_890310380493_3364897076605391296_n 12141708_890310415423_4527292714667348488_n 12096537_890310440373_3867819544251773268_n 12107158_890310465323_6685197270538626192_n