The Midas Touch

Now that all most of the hard stuff is done I finally get to decorate my house!! The part that I’ve been dreaming about since we put the for sale sign in our yard back in Michigan.  I had no clue what my house would look like, but what I did know was I wanted a lot of white washing and a lot of GOLD!!! Take a look at some of the things that have turned gold here at #odlehouselove.


Plastic toy Lion bought at Walmart for $.99


Antlers bought off of a friend and then tipped in gold. Taped them off with blue painters tape and lightly sprayed.  


Pilgrim Candle holders- Goodwill for $.99 each


Door to one of our dressers in the master bedroom. These were a huge process that I will blog about later.



Thumb tack pumpkin. Took about 1,200 tacks and 2 hours. Very therapeutic project!! I lightly sprayed the whole thing gold when I was finished. I am loving the scaled look that the thumb tacks give and I’m already coming up with many many more things to push pin in my home.  Orange foam pumpkin cost $1 at the dollar tree, and thumb tacks were $1 for 300 of them.


The thing I love about gold spray paint is that it doesn’t take away any of the item’s  original detail. It enhances and modernizes it! The Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish is my favorite gold spray. The Krylon gold is a little more bronzey gold.  Look for more fun home projects coming to you from #odlehouselove!! If you do any fun golden projects I’d love to see them! Post them to instagram and hash tag #themidastouch. Remember anything you make gold will look so great at the holidays too!!


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