Halloween Makeup

Halloween is tomorrow! If you don’t have a costume it’s not too late!! A spooky makeover is all you need. Just throw on an all black outfit and let your makeup be the focal point. As a makeup artist most days are filled with “I want a natural look”, and “I don’t want a lot of makeup”, but not at Halloween! We get to let our imaginations run wild.  I love being creative and playing dress up, so I try and take full advantage of this holiday (which means I normally have about three different costumes oops). Here are some of the looks I’ve created over the years.

My lovely skeleton friend Miss Dana


If you want your entire face to be a color use wetted eyeshadow. Once it dries it will feel like your normal makeup, not like face paint.


Get creative with drawings around the eye and fake eyelashes.


For a fierce look matte out the top eye lid and play up the bottom.


For white lashes use a white primer and while it’s wet sprinkle glitter to the lashes.


Contour the cheek bones and hollow out the eyes.


If you want to white your face out mix white Halloween makeup with your foundation otherwise your face will be too white, especially in pictures. A little bit of white goes a long way!


 When doing animal eyes don’t forget to make the eyebrows extra bold.


Put falsies on the bottom lashes for extra drama.


Draw on lashes if your not a fan of the way the fake ones feel.


Or just go bold with BLACK!!


I would not be able to accomplish half of these looks without the M.A.C. penultimate eye liner. I love it because it’s like drawing with a thin permanent marker.


Have you guys ever heard of Mr. Kate? She rocks at DIYs and tutorials, and is honestly where I get most of my inspiration. She did a whole blog post on Halloween makeup that you simply must see!! 

Follow me on instagram @madeoverbymandy to see what I end up doing on Halloween!! Gaaah the possibilities are endless!!


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