Me time.

Will I ever have time to blog again? I have all these ideas spinning around in my head. Things I want to get down on paper. To teach, to inspire.   But I have three kids. Three kids that demand my time. Each time I sit down to write something comes up. Someone needs me. Someone wakes up unexpectedly. I know some day I’ll look back and miss this time. But for now If I’m being honest I miss my me time. I don’t need much, maybe 30 min a day. But right now I’m not even getting 5. Having three kids is exhausting. Having three kids is exciting. Having three kids is rewarding. But mostly  having three kids is just plain tough.



One thought on “Me time.

  1. i know. it is so tough! we have 5! i’m shocked i am not in a mental institution!!!!!!!!! just take it a day at a time. The newborn stage is sweet, but SO HARD. I was a stay at home mom for 2 years. It is WAY harder than I ever expected. BUT. I am happy I was able to do so. This time is tough stuff. Moms are seriously BAD A$$es. *hugs*

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