Sunshine, makeup, and cold pressed juice


This past week I had an awful case of the vacation blues. It took everything in me just to unpack and do laundry. So by Friday I had to get out. The sun was shinning, it was almost 60 degrees in Indiana late January. I used nap time as an opportunity to get ready. To actually do my makeup. And this pull through braid has been such a game changer for me. Yes I know I owe you a blog post/tutorial on that as well. The other main factor in my boost of energy is my juicing. I’ve recently grown to love cold pressed juices and I highly recommend seeking out vendors that make them in your area. The best juices don’t have a long shelf life, so do your research. Today specifically I chose Lush Love for an extra metabolic boost.

Jacket- BbDakota 

Jeans- Jbrand

Shoes- Lucky Brand (similar)

Bag- Rebecca Minkoff/Goyard


I had to leave you with some pictures of this little mini blogger in training 😉





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