Kindred cool. 

I’m sure by now you e heard me talk about or have seen me tag Kindred Boheme the collective. It’s a local (to me) salon that just gets life ha! You are inspired and relaxed from the moment you walk in the door. At first glance you might not even know it was a hair salon. The store is lined with gorgeous plants and florals and perfectly dainty touches. Lucky for you guys you can shop online! Though you won’t get the same serene experience as being in store, the clothing lineup is superb.  
This off the shoulder tunic is a definite must have this summer. It’s the perfect neutral color. I wear it as a casual dress and even a cover up. 
Off the shoulder dress (coming back in stock soon). Choker. Handbag. Aniston’s shirt. Mandy’s shoes are old Elizabeth and James. Aniston’s shoes are last seasons Old Navy. 



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