Tis the season for Plaid!

I love plaid, and I love pink, so you can only guess how excited I was to find this perfect button up at h&m the other day. It’s so soft, and a perfect fit. I find myself working lots of outfits around this staple piece. It can be worn so many different ways, and with so many different color pallets!! Check out a few ways I styled it below. And also this carmel colored cotton dress!!!! It’s a must girls.



Patriotic chic

   I typically don’t like to wear color. I’m usually more of a neutral girl, but around this time in the summer I begin to go all flag crazy. This romper is hands down the perfect getup for your upcoming holiday festivities. I’ve also rounded up some of my favorite kiddie items that if you hurry you can snag before the fourth. 




Vivid and Ash 


Little Kate designs

Wildly co



Pretty by JL

P and the Lion


Piper Finn footwear

Naturally Blonde Beads 


Give me all the florals

Ok not really. If my whole wardrobe was florals that might be a bit much ha! But late spring early summer I do love to mix this pattern in. Have you guys heard of the brand Miss Selfridge?! I’ve been loving their pieces lately. Great quality and all around $100. Perfect occasion pieces in my opinion.

These pieces are no brainers. So simple and no styling involved except picking out accessories.


And then mom duties call and I switch out to flats. So versitle! I love it.

Romper. Clutch. Shoes. Dress.




Mom Uniform

You’ve all heard of the mom uniform right? It’s different for everyone, but my go to is ripped jeans (preferably black), a graphic tee, tennies, bold lips, and fun shades. I keep my wardrobe pallet pretty neutral so mixing and matching is a no brainer. I invest in classic pieces and shop bargains on the trendy. I never think to snap pictures in my normal everyday casual clothes, but the other day when I put on my favorite @blanqigirls tee I thought the social web world needs to see an everyday Mandy look. ha! IMG_3764IMG_3766IMG_3762IMG_3755IMG_3754IMG_3757IMG_3747

shades, tee, jeans, sneaks, purse 

Bumpdate- 34 weeks


34 weeks! Wow this time has flown by. To be honest I’m not wishing it away at all. Other than being a little uncomfortable I can’t complain much. I’ve never enjoyed a pregnancy like this one, so I’m trying to savor every last moment. I’m taking it all in. All the kicks, crazy cravings, and even the tiredness. I sometimes get frustrated when I feel like I have to take a rest because there is just so much to do, but then I quickly remind myself that it’s because the baby is growing and I need to just give in to my body. The heat doesn’t make it any easier, but I’m not complaining. I’ve scoped out all the nearby kiddie pools and most days that’s where you’ll find meand the kids.

A lot has gone on since the last update. I guess it’s because we are getting down to crunch time. I had my maternity photos taken by the ever so talented Ashley Elizabeth Moore. I just love how she captures pure beauty and makes the moments in my life so special. I’m dying to see the rest!!


My BFF Erin came all the way from Michigan to throw me the most girly shower there ever was!! She spoiled me rotten with every pink treat imaginable. Baby girl sure is blessed to have so many amazing women in her life.


I’ve gotten a lot of work done in the nursery. There are still things to do in there, but I feel content with the progress. I feel like if she was to come early I’d be ready. It’s funny because we all love to just hang out in this room. I catch the boys playing in there all the time!! When I need quiet time this seems the be the place I retreat to. Oh baby sister we have no idea whats coming do we?!


I’ve continued to work my makeup business even though 8 hours on my feet can be tough at times. I just love it so much and a little extra cash never hurt right?! Especially when you have a little diva on the way. On a sad note we say good-bye to our best friends and neighbors this month. Jared and Nell are moving to Minnesota for his job and I can barely talk about it. Brooks and I are so sad but we know that our friendship is strong enough to last the distance. Hopefully they move back someday!!


(See that LARGE shark cake, yeah that’s called giving in to my cravings!)


34 Weeks

How far along: exactly 34 weeks

Baby is the size of a: cantaloupe. About 4 3/4 lbs and 18 inches long.

Maternity clothes: I still never gave in and bought any. I got a couple things from Pink Blush Maternity and had a nice pair of designer jeans from last time around but that’s it! I happened to have a couple pairs of jean shorts that were bigger on me that fit great and I’m loving elastic bands, maxi dresses, and kimonos. I’ve also taken over all of my husband’s super soft v-neck tees. Good thing he’s got style cause most of his tshirts are now in my closet 🙂


Sleep: It’s getting harder to sleep. I have not had too much heart burn, or any acid reflux this time which is awesome, but my belly is so heavy that it is hard to get comfortable. Plus I’m waking up to pee and then I’m kind of wide awake. I guess it’s my internal clock getting ready for baby.

Exercise: Just this week I gave it up. I kept up with my yoga and running till 34 weeks and it just seems too much for me now. I almost blacked out in class the other day and decided I needed to stop. I think I would continue to go to gentle yoga if it wasn’t such a hassle to lug both boys in to kid zone. The summer is so busy and you have to make a reservation on Saturday for Tuesday’s class otherwise you stand there and wait for other children to leave. Like I’m thinking about Tues on Sat!!! Now I take Kempton on bike rides and Emmy on walks as a way to keep my body moving.

Movement: She moves all the time! I’m to that point where my stomach gets totally distorted depending on where she is laying. Almost anyone who is around me has seen my whole belly moving around. She reacts the most to cold drinks.

Any Cravings: Ice!!

Miss Anything: Bending over to pick things up with ease. Coffee. Running. Crop tops.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nope but my smells are still very en heightened.

Any Labor Signs: Lots of braxton hicks while riding in the car.

Wedding ring on or off: on. I’ve had no swelling this time.

Happy or moody: Errr probably more moody than before. I’m still mostly happy, but being out of breath and not being able to bend over makes me grouchy.

Looking forward to: Getting special custom Etsy orders in the mail and my MI trip

Best moment of the week: Finding a City Mini double stroller brand new for 1/4 the price!!

Until next time! (If there is another bumpdate 😉 ;))

xo, Mandy