Spooky playdate



When the cutest bunch of kids get together for a halloween bash it looks a little like this. We ate yummy treats, listened to spooky music, and drank red blood juice. A huge thank you to The Borrowed Boutique for outfitting the kids, and Sweets N Treats 317 for the out of this world yummy desserts.

models: Emma, Ty, and Aniston

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Happy Halloween Everyone!!!





Spooky Makeover


The other day my husband called and asked if I wanted take the kids to a Halloween festival that night. Of course I do, but our costumes weren’t ready yet. So I had to think up something quick. I realized all the kids had skeleton pjs and I could do my makeup. We’d be a family of bones!! I turned to one of my friends at work and said, “guess what?! I’m going to make myself into a skeleton here in a bout 10 minutes”. Ok it took more like 20 min, but we didn’t have much time. I grabbed the lightest shade of foundation and two different black eyeliners and Wah Lah! I transformed myself into a spooky skeleton with only three products. It wasn’t until after I finished my makeup that I realized I still had to go pick up takeout. Oops!

Now you could get way more into this, and order some creepy contacts. Or actually use face paint that would allow you to be more detailed. But this post is to give you inspiration of some Halloween makeup you can easily whip up.

12108241_892508305833_5419347411404876592_n This woodland deer is what I did last year.


And this sugar skull the year before.

You really can’t mess up a skeleton. You can always smudge out the black and line over it. It ends up just looking like shading, and once all of the makeup is on it just seems to look good. I’m a pretty impatient person so I tend to rush through my own makeup. I’m normally doing it during naptime and I know I need to rush. My point is, don’t be intimidated, YOU CAN DO IT!! Here are some more ideas that could be pretty fun!

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 Or you could always go right to the source. Mr. Kate rocks Halloween in general!!! She even has a step by step of skeleton makeup!!


Have fun with it!! A little bit of hair spray and face paint can go a long way.




Quick Halloween Treats


What you need: Vanilla pudding. Green food coloring. Oreos. clear plastic cups. black marker.

How to make: Mix up vanilla pudding with green food coloring and fill plastic cups halfway up. (the first one I filled 3/4 of the way up and it was way too much pudding for a small kid to finish)

Next crush up oreos to sprinkle on top.

Last draw fun Franky faces



Ghost or Mummy Cookies

What you need: Nutter butter cookies, white chocolate, and chocolate chips or candy eyes.

How to make: Melt chocolate in double boiler or microwave. (my favorite chocolate is the Ghirardelli chocolate) be careful not to burn.

Mummy: put chocolate chip eyes on with a little bit of white chocolate and then drizzle white chocolate across the cookie to look like a mummy.

Ghost: Dunk the full cookie in the white chocolate and then apply the eyes. (Add a little bit of crisco to the chocolate to make it thinner and easier to dip).


Pumpkin Rice Krispie balls:

What you need

  • Rice Krispies cereal
  • 1 Bag of Marshmallows
  • Butter
  • Red & yellow food coloring (or natural food coloring)
  • 18-20 tootsie rolls unwrapped
  • Frosting for leaves is powdered sugar, green food coloring, and a little milk (or water).

How to make: First simply follow the rice krispies treats recipe on the back of the box. When your marshmallows are nice and melty add red and yellow purchased or homemade food coloring until you reach a pumpkin orange color.

Next stir the cereal into the marshmallow mixture, rub some butter on the palms of your hands and roll the mixture quickly into balls. I placed more butter on my hands between rolling each ball. Place a tootsie roll in the center of each pumpkin and garnish with frosting leaves.


With my left over white chocolate I made chocolate covered pretzels, a standard favorite in my household. To make them a little more festive I bought fall colored sprinkles.


There you go. Four very simple, yet darling halloween treats. It’s not too late to whip up something festive for your kiddos.

A Gilded Thanksgiving

We have officially been moved into our house for 4 months now and guess what!?! I’m hosting Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!! Ok ok I’m not that stressed about it, more excited than anything. However, knowing that family members who have never seen our house are coming has motivated us to finish some projects that were hanging over our heads. Everything is looking so great and I’m thrilled that our house is becoming more and more the cozy home I envisioned! That all being said I waited till the last minute to REALLY start decorating for Thanksgiving. Here are some of the things I did that seriously took me all of one hour.

1450231_730983907023_1921566619_n 1000277_730983872093_1515036332_n 971333_730983757323_684648155_n 1476236_730983732373_990439330_n 1471084_730983642553_1611740524_n 1450849_730983552733_716223527_n

One thing you should know about me is that I keep a decent supply of black, white, and gold spray paint on hand. I also keep a spray station set up on my screened in porch.  I am always finding things around the house or in nature to spray and use as decor. For Thanksgiving I spray painted small pumpkins, gourds, and leaves.  Add some candles, and just like that you have a beautiful tables scape all for  basically the price of spray paint (I used left over halloween decorations for pumpkins and even got some fake ones 70% off to use). I bought the pilgrim candle stick holders at Goodwill for 50 cents each and then sprayed them gold. I love the little extra they add to my table.

1375656_719556941753_1201591097_n 1377109_719556717203_1810179807_n

Also this little “GOBBLE GOBBLE” banner was so easy thanks to The Alison Show. If you do not follow her on instagram or follow her blog you must!! She is the queen of crafting. I love each and every one of her ideas!! She just recently wrote a blog post giving ideas for last minute Thanksgiving crafts here. I totally copied her idea for this banner and even used her free printable to make my letters.  The whole things literally took me less than 30 min and I only used one sheet of glitter paper and some left over tinsel. SUPER CHEAP!!

1451466_730983517803_1550364285_n1463583_730984041753_2076835145_n1459804_730983492853_835789154_n1476406_730983777283_577153152_n1451503_730983802233_2057827344_n 1452565_730983842153_1446904854_n

One more craft that Cohen and I did together was to paint pinecones. We did them very colorful with lots of gold glitter and figured these could work for Thanksgiving and Christmas. (That is the thing about gold it works for every holiday!!).  I have so much fun making crafts with Cohen. It’s a time when we can bond over a common interest. He even kept saying I bet we could sell these (love his little entrepreneur mind).

1470308_730984096643_1220546422_n 1456637_730984066703_376007073_n

So there you have it, our gilded Thanksgiving. I love doing crafts but anymore they have to be quick enough to do during nap time and that is just what our Thanksgiving is. I guess you could call it a three naps Thanksgiving ha!



Happy Holidays everyone!! We have so much to be thankful for. Count your blessings.



Halloween Makeup

Halloween is tomorrow! If you don’t have a costume it’s not too late!! A spooky makeover is all you need. Just throw on an all black outfit and let your makeup be the focal point. As a makeup artist most days are filled with “I want a natural look”, and “I don’t want a lot of makeup”, but not at Halloween! We get to let our imaginations run wild.  I love being creative and playing dress up, so I try and take full advantage of this holiday (which means I normally have about three different costumes oops). Here are some of the looks I’ve created over the years.

My lovely skeleton friend Miss Dana


If you want your entire face to be a color use wetted eyeshadow. Once it dries it will feel like your normal makeup, not like face paint.


Get creative with drawings around the eye and fake eyelashes.


For a fierce look matte out the top eye lid and play up the bottom.


For white lashes use a white primer and while it’s wet sprinkle glitter to the lashes.


Contour the cheek bones and hollow out the eyes.


If you want to white your face out mix white Halloween makeup with your foundation otherwise your face will be too white, especially in pictures. A little bit of white goes a long way!


 When doing animal eyes don’t forget to make the eyebrows extra bold.


Put falsies on the bottom lashes for extra drama.


Draw on lashes if your not a fan of the way the fake ones feel.


Or just go bold with BLACK!!


I would not be able to accomplish half of these looks without the M.A.C. penultimate eye liner. I love it because it’s like drawing with a thin permanent marker.


Have you guys ever heard of Mr. Kate? She rocks at DIYs and tutorials, and is honestly where I get most of my inspiration. She did a whole blog post on Halloween makeup that you simply must see!! 

Follow me on instagram @madeoverbymandy to see what I end up doing on Halloween!! Gaaah the possibilities are endless!!

Halloween Bunting

It’s getting festive around here!! Brooks came home from work yesterday and said “gosh you’re loving Halloween this year”. My reply was simply, “I finally have a house to do this stuff in again”. So yes I am going a little over the top ( I think I’ve bought and decorated over 20 pumpkins :/) but why not right?! Maybe you like doing crafts, maybe you don’t. Either way you gotta jump on the Halloween bunting bandwagon! Follow my step by step tutorial for a very simple, inexpensive, and super cute piece of Halloween flair for your home. Image

First I went to Target and bought a Happy Halloween banner. Cheating I know, but I have yet to unpack and set up my printer. I can’t find the exact one online, but this one is pretty cute too! Mine was only $4.00 and totally does the trick. Then I headed over to Wally World and bought these plastic table covers for $.99 each. (I would of bought them from Target, but they were $2.99. Plus I needed some other things from Walmart.) After coming up with the final plan in my head I decided to use only the black one.


First lay the table cover out and keep it folded up. Simply make vertical cuts all along the folded cover and wah lah you have a fringey banner! Once I cut the vertical strips I cut all the bottoms to be different lengths for a jagged effect and also to make it easy to pull apart and have two banners. Don’t put too much thought into this. It really is the simplest thing. Remember the strips don’t have to be even!!


Now on to making pon-pom balls. I did this next job while relaxing in bed catching up on some netflix during naptime. Side note: Have you watched Orange is the New Black?? I’m totally into it, minus the weird graphic scenes. Anyways back to pon-poms. They are pretty easy once you know how to make them. Buy whatever color or texture of yarn you prefer (nicer quality yarn or wool makes for fluffier balls) and start by making long loops. Once you get your stack to the desired thickness cut it free.


Now take your yarn stack and fold it in half like so v v v


Then fold your stack once more. By making a longer stack and folding it you are just saving your self a little extra work :).


Now take the end of your yarn and wrap it around the middle of the whole bundle and make a knot. Make sure it is really tight otherwise your pon-pom won’t stay together well.


Next cut through the loops at the ends.


After I cut the loops off I go back and cut more of the yarn to shape the pon-pom.


Do this to both sides, fluff up your ball, and there you go!! You can make them all different sizes, or all more similar. The possibilities are endless with these little guys!! I added in some $.99 skeleton balls that I purchased in the dollar bin at target. And the best part about these skelly guys….


They light up!!!!!!


Then just take some string of choice ( I used some old twine that I had laying around) and fish it through the middles. This is where it’s important for your pon-poms to be tight so that they don’t move around too much, and so that they don’t fall apart on you.


And there you have it, a Halloween craft that will take you all of one netflix show to complete!! If you make one tag me on instagram @madeoverbymandy cause I’d love to see it!! I love that holidays give me an excuse to be EXTRA crafty!! This leads me to my next thought…How to celebrate Halloween as a Christian.

Just the other day Cohen asked me “mom if Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, and Thanksgiving is all about the pilgrims and giving thanks, what is Halloween?” I thought about it and then I was honest with him. I told him how Halloween can be more of an evil or scary holiday but just like we have Americanized Christmas we have Americanized Halloween. I told him we make it more about kids in cute costumes getting candy from our neighbors, but we need to remember that there are still some people that celebrate Halloween for a different reason and we need to pray for them. Ugh he caught me off guard. I always pray that in these types of situations I’ll say the right things for his little mind to comprehend. What have been your experiences? How do you bring Jesus into your Halloween celebrations? Image

The Midas Touch

Now that all most of the hard stuff is done I finally get to decorate my house!! The part that I’ve been dreaming about since we put the for sale sign in our yard back in Michigan.  I had no clue what my house would look like, but what I did know was I wanted a lot of white washing and a lot of GOLD!!! Take a look at some of the things that have turned gold here at #odlehouselove.


Plastic toy Lion bought at Walmart for $.99


Antlers bought off of a friend and then tipped in gold. Taped them off with blue painters tape and lightly sprayed.  


Pilgrim Candle holders- Goodwill for $.99 each


Door to one of our dressers in the master bedroom. These were a huge process that I will blog about later.



Thumb tack pumpkin. Took about 1,200 tacks and 2 hours. Very therapeutic project!! I lightly sprayed the whole thing gold when I was finished. I am loving the scaled look that the thumb tacks give and I’m already coming up with many many more things to push pin in my home.  Orange foam pumpkin cost $1 at the dollar tree, and thumb tacks were $1 for 300 of them.


The thing I love about gold spray paint is that it doesn’t take away any of the item’s  original detail. It enhances and modernizes it! The Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish is my favorite gold spray. The Krylon gold is a little more bronzey gold.  Look for more fun home projects coming to you from #odlehouselove!! If you do any fun golden projects I’d love to see them! Post them to instagram and hash tag #themidastouch. Remember anything you make gold will look so great at the holidays too!!