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Hot or Not ~ fall ’16

** disclaimer** Just my opinions on styles you should snag and trends that have gone stale. As always I recommend only splurging on trends you LOVE, or the ones you know are hanging around for a while. Test the waters with some quality knock off pieces first and gradually work in designer pieces. For example denim- splurge, Sunnies- save. Nordstrom is always a great place for all price ranges!

Button front skirtsHOT

Denim leggings– not.

I’m not taking about the ever popular, super soft, almost real denim jeggings. More those elastic waist pull up denim fakers.

Oversized topsHOT.                                            

Raid your man’s closet!

Sew on patchesHOT.

Especially on those oversized tops.

Denim with fringeHOT.                                                                                                                    

Give me all the fringe!

Cotton maxi skirts– not

Tribal print– not.

Easy on the printed cardis and ponchos people.


Try built in chokers for even more glam look.

Excessive rufflesHOT

Cropped jackets– not.

Cropped jackets cut women off at the worst part on their body. Especially if not worn with something high waisted.

Rounded toe pumps– not


Cropped wide leg pantsHOT

Top knots – not

Now I’m not saying don’t ever put your hair in a top knot, but these days le top knot has become more of a lazy sweatpant style, and overall less chic.

Cheap faux leather – not

I’m all about vegan leather, but make sure you are getting good quality. Nothing is worse that a bomber jacket with cracked leather or glossy film.

Dusty pinkHOT.                                                                                                                          

Threads, shoes, bags, and lips. Just can’t get enough!

Peep toe bootiesHOT

Black blazers– not

Unless you are a business professional this should not be in your wardrobe. And by all means please avoid animal print and blazers.

Cork wedges– not

Bleached ends– not.

Instead go for a more natural sombre (soft ombré) look.

 All photos from Pinterest

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Easy Mosaic Wall

Decorating Kempton’s room has been really fun for me. I have been dreaming of the all the little details since he was in my belly and finally finally I’m getting to make it just the way I want it! Many ideas have changed over the two years of planning, but one thing that I knew I had to have was an accent wall. Originally I thought I would do some kind of wallpaper but after many hours of online hunting I never found the perfect pattern. One night I pinned this on pinterest and I was hooked. The design is so current with the whole triangle/prism craze. Not to mention the silver and gold that I incorporated in. Plus I love that it is just paint so if I ever get another bright idea I can easily change it. (Brooks never knows what he will come home to.) The whole process only took me three naptimes. It is very easy and very customizable. The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry!!

What you need….


First you need to make sure the wall you are painting the pattern on is already the color you want the lines of the triangles to be. Then choose a color to be the primary color of the wall. I chose Valspar Silver leaf (light grey with a hint of blue) I bought a quart and had just enough. My wall was about 8 feet by 12 feet. You will also need some additional colors if you choose to paint some accent triangles on the wall. The sample sizes work perfectly for this.  You will of course need painters tape, and lots of it! A roller with 3/8 nap, paint pan and liner (not pictured), putty knife, and different size paint brushes. Then let the taping begin!!


There was really no rhyme or reason to my madness here. Just start going at it because this is the most time consuming part. It really doesn’t even matter if your lines are straight. It all looks good in the end. After you get the tape on it is VERY IMPORTANT that you press it all down with a putty knife or wallpaper smoothing tool. You do not want your paint to bleed through!!


Next start cutting in with your primary color. Then go ahead and roll over the whole wall.


Then you get to paint your accent triangles. At first I was going to use a rust color and a deep green (nocturnal green) but I decided to nix the rust and go with green, gold and chrome. I wanted most of my wall to be the light grey color so I made sure to only paint a few triangles with the accent colors. Make sure you stay in the lines!! The metallic colors took about three coats so at this point it was a waiting game. I was dying to pull the tape off!! It’s really hard to fix anything once the tape comes off, so you want to make sure everything is covered well before you rip.


575227_728011863023_771311243_n1455112_728014537663_133203116_nIMG_4195  IMG_4188IMG_4191 IMG_4190  IMG_4187

I’m so happy with how the wall turned out! I still have so many other details to add to his room, but it is all starting to come together. Stay tuned for a complete room tour in the future.

Details: crib-Pottery Barn, stuffed lion- jellycat (similar), crib blanket- Little Hip Squeaks (similar mine is a discontinued pattern), pyramid lamp- Crate and Barrel (very old), sheep skin- Ikea, moccasins- Freshly Picked.

Miniture Style


For every comment or email I get regarding my style I get 2 asking what my kids are wearing, or where I shop for them.  This makes me smile since they truly are the best “accessory” I could ever have. So here is the run down of stores I hit up, online shops to add to your favorites, and brands to keep an eye out for.

Jcrew “Crewcuts”


American Apparel


Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack

Saks Outlet


Marshalls & Tj Maxx

Gap Kids

I have recently begun making an effort to support independent small businesses as much as possible and have quickly formed a list of shops I love including…

Freshly Picked

Little Hip Squeaks

Hello Apparel

Child Hoods

Little Boogaweezin

Sugarlime Lane

Mini and Maximus



Mason and the Tambourine 

And then there is a list of brands that I love.  I pick these up wherever I find the best deals on them.

Gold Rush Outfitters



Junk Food

Ralph Lauren

The Northface

James Perse

Styling little mini’s is so much fun! What I have found having two boys is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make their wardrobe hip and current.  In my opinion a lot of times less is more! One of my favorite looks for Kemp is just denim, a ribbed tank,  a slouchy beanie, and chucks.   I love ordering my staple pieces from AA and then mixing them in with the goods I find along the way.  Our style is constantly changing as my kids are growing and getting their own “fashion opinions”.  One thing that will never change is my hunt for affordable quality.  If you have a brand you love I’m always looking to add more to my list!


ps. Right now American Apparel is offering 30% off for their friends and family sale when you sign up for emails. Jcrew is offering 25% off and kids clothes are mostly all free shipping!


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