Aniston is Tutu

When your princess is turning two the party theme options are unlimited. However there was only one that seemed most fitting: a tutu party! Now, being a white and neutral lover I knew I didn’t want the typical all bubble gum pink ballet party, but more a whimsical swan princess party. Having the party at my house really helped me bring this idea to life and I was able to set up slowly over the course of a couple days. I ended up using a lot of things I already owned which was a plus, and things I had bought for her party last year and never used. The borrowed boutique made our tutu dreams come true by renting out most of the girls’ beautiful dresses. And those beautiful treats?! Yeah they tasted as good as they look thanks to my friend Kelly from Sweets n Treats 317. It worked out that all of Aniston’s little friends were able to come and that they love all things girlie too. The girls ate dainty treats, sipped sparkling pink punch, opened wonderful goodie bags from some awesome vendors (will name below), and danced to the songs from Frozen. When it came time to blow out the candles Ani wasn’t quite sure of the fire or the singing. And she didn’t quite understand the concept of presents ha! Who doesn’t love presents?! By gift bag number two she started to realize hey, I might actually want to open these. The party just couldn’t of been any sweeter, and thanks to Karena Demerchant Photography  we will forever have amazing pictures to remember the day!!




The girls LOVED their princess Elsa glitter chapsticks!

Princess Emma and Emily enjoying the party!

2016-08-0417.20.30 I mean does it get any cuter than Miss Selah here?!


2016-08-0417.28.15 Hair clip, peg doll necklace, felt flower headband, bracelets

2016-08-0417.12.09-22016-08-0417.12.34-22016-08-0417.12.25 The ballet music box was such a hit Kara!!



Aniston’s dress and cape. Aniston’s shoes. Aniston’s headpiece. Mandy’s neckalce. Cookies, macarons, and cakes. Aniston is tutu banner. Angel wings. Selah’s tutu. Emily’s swan slippers. Emily’s dress. Emma’s romper. Selah’s dressAll floral headbands. Party hats were DIY. Table cloth was fabric from Hobby Lobby. Bracelets. Dolly necklaces. Party plates. Hair clips. Photographs.

Here is a little photo roll of her actual birthday. We had a small party with the grandparents. 


Fitness and diet

Hey guys! One thing I get asked a lot about is my diet and workout routine. So I’m writing it all out for you to refer back to. Now I have to say I work at it pretty hard. I’m not one of those “it just comes naturally” types. But my routine definitely produces results so it keeps me going. 

My fitness schedule.

Monday- row for 5 min. Arms for 15 min. 3 sets of 10 push ups. Abs for 10 min. Run for 30 min. 

BBG at night. 
Tuesday- strength yoga for 60 min. Run 3 miles.

BBG at night
Wednesday- row for 5 min. Back muscles and triceps for 20 min. Burpees 3 sets of 10. Abs for 5. Run for 30 min. 
Thursday- row for 5 min. Legs (squats, leg press, inner and outer thighs) for 15 min. Abs for 10 min. Run for 30 min.

BBG at night
Friday- sculpt class for 50 min. Run one very fast mile. 
Saturday- BBG and usually a long run outdoors or a bike ride. 

That may seem like a lot, but I mean I’m willing to do anything for an hour break from my kids ha! Plus it works! 


So this is what I try and stick to. No carbs except carbs from fruit or veggies. Lots of protein, eggs, meat, nuts. No sweets except maybe a bite of someone’s. I don’t want to totally make life suck ha! No artificial sweeteners. No soda. And lots and lots of water. Plus on Wednesdays I only drink juices. Protein smoothies and shakes and lots of cold pressed juice which keeps the vitamins and antioxidants more abundant in the fruits and plants. 

So basically I eat a lot of greens and meat. And one key for not cheating is to carry snacks around with me so I’m not tempted. I always have almonds with stuffed in my purse, or I pick up juices when I’m out. I also put fruit in my water and it makes me drink a lot more! 

I hope that helps! And if you have any further questions comment below and I’ll get back at ya. It helps if you have some motivation. I put a photo on my lock screen of my goal fitness level. We also planned a dream trip so that is motivating me. I also rock out to contemporary Christian music and that always makes me run faster and farther. I still have a ways to go, but each week I get so much stronger and I have much more energy. I know I am getting healthier each day! 

If you wanna join me for all juice Wednesday’s follow me on insta @madeoverbymandy and we can encourage each other!! 



Cohen, my forever baby, my firstborn, there is no possible way you can be nine already. I still look at you as my little 4 year old buddy. We did everything together, just you and me. If I would of had snapchat or instagram stories back then I swear you would of looked like the perfect child. Or maybe I just don’t remember the bad. I’m so thankful for the 5 years we had alone because I truly feel that your character was shaped and groomed during that time. So much of how I remember you as a child I still see in you today. Your innocence is a treasure. You shyness so adorable. Your kindness, unmeasurable. I love watching you grow and challenge your self in every new situation. You are such a strong leader and I can’t wait to see the places you will go.

This summer was filled with many family activities and trips. You are so interested in geography and travel. You once asked for a trip to Paris or Scotland for Christmas. We took you to New York and I loved watching your wide eyes wander. Maybe you will live there someday. We went to multiple fairs, swam in lakes and pools, and learned that you can now go up the huge hill by our house on your bike with ease.  I watched you suck up your fear as you kneeboarded  alone and then wakeboarded for the first time. I saw you casually make new friends at the neighboorhood putt putt party and then responsibly tell us you’d be home by 10. That night was a huge first. Mom and dad put the little ones to bed and then sat up in the living room deciding if we should go find you, or trust that you would make it home before dark. Wow what a glimpse into the future!

There are so many times that you seem way too grown up, but then there are those times where you still seem little. You just can’t help but pick on your brother. The scream that you get to come out of him steps on every single one of my nerves. You still want to sleep with a night light and act scared of silly things like bugs and fish.  You haven’t reached the age where you don’t want kisses from mom. I mean of course not in public, but at home you desire the same amount of smooches that your little brother and sister get. One of your most favorite things to do is cuddle up with me or dad and watch a movie. You sit and watch sports with dad and I am shocked at how much you know. This summer you played lacrosse for the first time and 3rd grade baseball, which was a grade up. You did amazing at both, and was even one of the main pitchers on your team. Winning the lacrosse championship and the baseball all-star game was the icing on the cake.img_7407


Now you’re starting 3rd grade. I took you to meet your teacher a few days ago and I watched you interact with her and your classmates. You are really such a cool kid. Liked by adults and kids both. You are so selfless but yet competitive, the perfect combination in my opinion. Cohen I just couldn’t be more proud of you. You work so hard on your school work, and excel in all that you do. Dad and I are amazed at how independently you work on your homework. We hope that you always enjoy learning.

Football season is upon us and once again we get to watch you dominate. You are the man out there. I feel so proud, but also nervous at times. Everyone knows you are so tough, so they double and sometimes triple team you. I am just constantly saying prayers for your safety.


Keeping up with the birthday tradition we took you to the last Pacer’s home game of the season, where it’s fan appreciation night and the team cleans out their lockers and signs autographs. This year both you and Kempton got players signed shoes and other goodies too. Later that week we had a friends party that was of course Pacers themed. Also keeping up with traditions you got sick during your birthday sleepover. It has happened that last two years in a row. You never get sick, and then boom the stomach flu on the day of your party. This time the vomiting happened in the night so poor Joe had to stay and be exposed. Hopefully this tradition does not continue.img_3393

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetimg_3398

We love you Cobug, the brown bear, Cooey, Squish, Suki, Co! You bring so much joy and adventure to our lives. I can’t even begin to imagine what my life was like before you, or what it would be like without you. I am so thankful that I am your mommy!



Summer Beauty List



We made it to mid summer! The part where the heat is not so welcoming, but more of a daunting reality. You may be in full on survival mode at this point and honestly the heat isn’t leaving us anytime soon.  But have hope,  just because you are hot and sticky doesn’t mean you have to look a “hot mess”.  I have compiled a list of summer beauty products that will give you that effortless summer glow.


1. Chanel Le Blanc face primer– This product is a double whammy. Not only does this gorgeous primer give your face the perfect amount of natural shimmer or youthful glow, but it protects with spf 40! Now in two shades pink and gold. Use after skincare, and right before tinted moisturizer.

Also don’t skip the Chanel Hydra Beauty flash cream. An instantly hydrating perfecting balm. This on-the-go moisturizer combines Camellia Alba PFA with the hydrating power of shea butter and moringa butter for an immediate smoothing effect. Soft-focus powders and pearly particles visibly diminish the appearance of skin imperfections by creating an even texture with less visible pores. Use before makeup or even as a refresher on top of makeup later in the day.


2.  Rodan & Fields foaming sunless tanner. This stuff is a dream and only $24. No more mixing harsh colored tanners in with your lotion or needing to wear gloves. This foam gives the perfect application every time. After just two uses you will see a nice color change in your skin. Self tanners also protect the skin against sunburn so mix this product in with natural exposure to the sun and your skin will look perfect and stay healthy all summer long.

(There is a slight slight smell associated with this product, but way less than any others I’ve tried and it vanishes fast.  Also I did start to see an orange hue to the skin after multiple applications but one trip to the pool and it was all evened out to the perfect summer tan with no damage to my skin!!!)

Because you shouldn’t use sunless tanning products without exfoliating first try Rodan & Fields micro derm paste. A very unique concept of and oil free paste that gently exfoliates leaving skin silky smooth. Use on dry skin.




3. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc shimmering body oil makes me Oh so Happy! Inspired by remote private islands where summer lasts all year and one day blends seamlessly into the next, Soleil Blanc is an addictive solar floral amber with notes of Cardamom Oil, Bergamot, Benzoin Extract, Coco de Mer, Pistachio. This silky and lightweight oil illuminates the skin with shimmers of gold and platinum leaf. The captivating Soleil Blanc leaves the sultry effect of sunkissed summer skin and tempts the senses with a fragrance of scorching sensuality. A must have!!



4. Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda tinted cream.  At a staggering price of $200 per jar you may be thinking what is all the fuss about. Well let me tell you this award winning product will have you hooked at first touch. Crema Nuda is a premium care complexion perfector with performance power that surpasses both a bb and cc cream, making it a new generation of tinted cream. The multitasking product treats, corrects and blurs the complexion with a formula infused with the reviscentalis resurrection plant, enabling the cream to improve skin radiance and reveal a younger-looking complexion. Don’t take my word for it. Ask for a sample and I guarantee you will be figuring out ways to splurge!



5. Dior glow lip and cheek. The whole line of Dior glow has all the heart eyes from me. These products pair perfectly with sweaty summer skin and their gel like texture is a refreshing extra.  This product is a cheek and lip tint that brings out your own natural radiance with a custom rosy glow. Number six boasts more from the amazing Dior glow line. Try also the nail glow for the perfect pinky effortless nails.




6. A pomade for the lips?! Heck yes. Dior lip glow pomade is an intensive lip care product with a natural, self-adjusting, rosy tint. Pair with the lip glow liner for the perfect defined pink lips. Dior’s original lip glow sticks come in two shades or light rosy and coral. They are sheer chapstick like sticks that enhance your natural lip shade. These are a long time favorite of mine.



7. Anastasia Beverly Hills waterproof dip brow. We all want those perfectly filled in brows, but who wants to worry about ruining them poolside? This creamy, multitasking product glides on skin and hair smoothly to create clean, defined brows. The standout formula works as a brow primer and provides color, sculpture, and shading. With 11 different shades to choose from you are sure to find your perfect match.


8. Dior glow Maximizer. A versatile primer that amplifies skin’s natural radiance for a beautifully luminous effect. Very similar to the Chanel primer only this one does not have an spf, and I use it more as a highlight to the skin on top of foundation. This primer instantly brightens dull complexions, sculpts the face, and amplifies the skin’s natural light for spectacular radiance. Use it alone or mix it with foundation to boost radiance.

Patriotic chic

   I typically don’t like to wear color. I’m usually more of a neutral girl, but around this time in the summer I begin to go all flag crazy. This romper is hands down the perfect getup for your upcoming holiday festivities. I’ve also rounded up some of my favorite kiddie items that if you hurry you can snag before the fourth. 




Vivid and Ash 


Little Kate designs

Wildly co



Pretty by JL

P and the Lion


Piper Finn footwear

Naturally Blonde Beads 


Kindred cool. 

I’m sure by now you e heard me talk about or have seen me tag Kindred Boheme the collective. It’s a local (to me) salon that just gets life ha! You are inspired and relaxed from the moment you walk in the door. At first glance you might not even know it was a hair salon. The store is lined with gorgeous plants and florals and perfectly dainty touches. Lucky for you guys you can shop online! Though you won’t get the same serene experience as being in store, the clothing lineup is superb.  
This off the shoulder tunic is a definite must have this summer. It’s the perfect neutral color. I wear it as a casual dress and even a cover up. 
Off the shoulder dress (coming back in stock soon). Choker. Handbag. Aniston’s shirt. Mandy’s shoes are old Elizabeth and James. Aniston’s shoes are last seasons Old Navy. 


Give me all the florals

Ok not really. If my whole wardrobe was florals that might be a bit much ha! But late spring early summer I do love to mix this pattern in. Have you guys heard of the brand Miss Selfridge?! I’ve been loving their pieces lately. Great quality and all around $100. Perfect occasion pieces in my opinion.

These pieces are no brainers. So simple and no styling involved except picking out accessories.


And then mom duties call and I switch out to flats. So versitle! I love it.

Romper. Clutch. Shoes. Dress.